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  •   7 Nov 2017   Posted By Scott W.   65 Favs   0 Comments

    The Belgian Draft Horse - Large and Black

    As the name implies. this breed originated in Belgium. Back in the medieval times, the center of Western Europe became well-known for the large black horses known as "Flemish". These are the horses which carried the heavily armored knights into battle. By necessity, only the largest and strongest of this breed were trained as "chargers" or "destriers".

  •   17 Oct 2017   Posted By Claire C.   67 Favs   0 Comments

    Developing The Bond Between Man And Horse

    The relationship between man and horse is an enduring one. But dealing with animals is always easier and more enjoyable when you have empathy and understanding. To be able to relate to horses,you need to understand their pychology, in order to anticipate horses' reactions you have to understand how they think and why they behave in certain ways.

  •   20 Oct 2017   Posted By Darwin N.   5 Favs   0 Comments

    Choosing the Best Bit for a Young Horse

    When starting a young horse, (or when riding any horse for that matter) the two most important and influential pieces of tack are in my opinion, the saddle and the bit. The saddle is important for obvious reasons, but the bit often seems to be overlooked as being an equally important piece of equipment.